Germany officially the Federal Republic of Germany, is a country in Central Europe. It is bordered to the north by the North Sea, Denmark, and the Baltic Sea; to the east by Poland and the Czech Republic; to the south by Austria and Switzerland; and to the west by France, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands.


Area and Population

The territory of Germany covers 357,021 km² and is influenced by a temperate seasonal climate. With over 82 million inhabitants, it has the largest population of any member state of the European Union and is home to the third-largest number of international migrants worldwide.



Germany is one of the most highly developed industrial nations in the world and, after the USA and Japan has the world’s third largest national economy. With a population of 82.3 million Germany is also the largest and most important market in the European Union(EU).


Education System

Germany universities have a quite good network with universities all over the world. Every year thousands of students have to opportunities to go to abroad and spend them in a different country, studying and living. This should be the same way for international students. Because of this, Germany universities and technical collages try to provide enough university places for international students. Because this German universities and technical collages try to provide enough university places for international students and they are well known all over the world and show the future employer that the student had a firm basic education and also got further knowledge. At Germany universities the practical part of the studies has an important part to play. Internships have to be done in many programs of study and every professor recommends doing one. The big industries and especially the large cities provide many opportunities for these Depending on which area in Germany one decides to study, there are numerous activities and journey to do and go in the free time or money on holidays, during this traveling Europe from the Germany. The country gives the perfect start for this trip and one is able to see a lot of countries during the time abroad.